Table of Contents

TABLE OF CONTENTS  –  List of 31 completed posts with links 

  1. Western Art Association (Saskatchewan) 1909-1916
  2. Regina Society for the Advancement of Art, Literature and Science 1910-1914
  3. The Regina Handicraft Guild and the The Craftsmen Ltd. 1908-1913
  4. The World Wars and Saskatchewan Art
  5. Ecclesiastic Art in Saskatchewan prior to 1950
  6. Saskatchewan group and solo art exhibitions: An Introduction
  7. Group and Solo Art exhibitions in Regina and Vicinity 1889-1950
  8. Group and solo exhibitions in Saskatoon and vicinity 1905-1950
  9. Some Early Women Artists in Regina
  10. The Club Women artists of Regina
  11. Some Early Women Artists in Saskatoon
  12. Some Early Men Artists in Saskatchewan
  13. Newspaper cartoonists in Saskatchewan 1900-1950
  14. Saskatchewan Clay Stories to 1950
  15. Photography and Film in Saskatchewan to 1950
  16. Regina LCW Arts Committee Activities and Exhibition List
  17.  Womens’ Art Association (Sask) Activities and Exhibition List  Includes Fine and Applied Art guild
  18. Assorted Regina Art Clubs 1920s-1950

Regina Art Club and Regina Sketch Club

Junior Sketch Club

Saskatchewan Art Association

  1. Assorted Saskatoon Art Clubs to 1936

Saskatoon Arts & Literary Society

Saskatoon Art Club

Saskatoon Art Students

Saskatoon Sketch Club

Nutana Collegiate Art Collection

Academy of Fine Arts

20. Saskatoon Art Association (1937-1964) and the Saskatoon Art Centre (1944-1964)

21. Saskatoon Art Appreciation Club (1934-1950) and Saskatoon LCW Arts & Letters Committee 1931 – ?

22. Saskatchewan Art Organizations originating in the 1940s

Federation of Canadian Artists – Regina and Saskatoon branches and Western Art Circuit

Saskatchewan Arts Board and Saskatchewan Arts Congress

Regina Art Centre Association

Massey Commission hearings

Red Door Gallery

Prospectors Group

Western Artist Group

23. Art Education in Saskatchewan prior to 1950

Includes, Normal Schools, Colleges, University of Saskatchewan, private and public elementary and high schools and Emma Lake Art Camp

24. Art Collectors in Saskatchewan prior to 1950 Mackenzie, Grayson, Mendel

25. Saskatchewan art patrons prior to 1950 – Collectors, Facilitators, Patrons, Art acquisitions and dispositions

26. Early Saskatchewan Arts and Crafts Organizations

Homemakers’ Clubs, Saskatoon Arts and Crafts Society, Saskatoon Craft Guild, Ukrainian Womens’ Association, German Canadian Club, Regina Arts & Crafts Society, Regina Handicraft Centre

27. Odd Art Stories of the Early Days in Saskatchewan

28. Art at Saskatchewan Fairs prior to 1950 – a summary of descriptions of art exhibits at Regina and Saskatoon fairs in the newspapers.

29. Art at the 1933 World’s Grain Conference and Exhibition in Regina

30. Indigenous Visual Culture in Saskatchewan prior to 1950

31. Who was Saskatchewan’s Gordon Snelgrove?



Future posts planned include:

The Image of the Indian in Saskatchewan Art



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