Group and solo exhibitions in Saskatoon & vicinity 1905-1950

This list is provisional, made up of entries from my Saskatchewan Art News Index to 1920 and selections from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and its predecessors 1920-1950.  I have used the format: approximate dates, title where known or description, sponsoring or hosting body and location of exhibit. Group exhibitions precedes the list of solo exhibitions. As I am conserving the limited blog space, the exhibition lists do not contain any links. Feel free to look up the reports yourself using the dates of the exhibitions as guides. I will be linking reports of the majority of these exhibitions in other posts dealing with specific associations, themes or artists and my introductory essay on the Exhibition Lists also contains links. The Google News Archive is missing a substantial amount of 1920s issues of this newspaper and this list is fragmented because of it.

*All art exhibitions originating outside and travelling into the province are marked in blue, all originating from and travelling outside the province are marked in purple.

**Annual summer agricultural fairs, Saskatoon’s fair began in 1886 but a professional board was not set up until 1909. Prize lists appear in the newspaper during the summer fairs for Saskatoon and other locations  and they occasionally mention art.  I have selected some reports of the outstanding exhibitions at the fairs but the list is far from comprehensive. There was a special pioneer fair in Saskatoon in 1933, celebrating the founding of Saskatoon.  In the late 1930s the art exhibitions became more ambitious and professional and many of these later ones are listed.  Note that in Saskatchewan the term fair and exhibition were both used interchangeably for these events. I have used the term “fair” for the event to avoid confusion with the art exhibitions held within them.

***This list may contain a mention of art exhibitions in other Saskatchewan communities. I have placed those mentioned in the Saskatoon newspaper under Saskatoon. This list would be much longer if I had access to other digitized Saskatchewan newspapers.

Acronyms: RCA – Royal Canadian Academy, OSA – Ontario Society of Artists, CSPE – Canadian Society of Painters and Engravers, NGC– National Gallery of Canada, FCA – Federation of Canadian Artists, SAA: Saskatoon Art Association or SAC for Saskatoon Art Centre

Group Exhibitions

1913, Oct. 2- 5, Women’s Art Exchange Display at Mrs. W. O. Miller’s home, needlework, paintings, handicraft.

1914 – Apr 18, Art & Curio Exhibition at St. James’ Church, in aid of missionary work

1914 – Early Aug. – Exhibition of art at the annual summer fair includes paintings, photographs and china painting categories in the prizes. Some local artists like Gordon Griffiths, W.L. Farnham, Josiah Rackstraw are mentioned in the newspaper and Edith Holmes of Glenrose.

1915, May 24 – 25, 15 paintings by Juliet (Mrs. A.F.) Burdoin (Saskatoon) and 30 WAA Canadian artists, Saskatoon artist (Mrs. T.H. Campbell), as well as paintings owned by Saskatonians  at YMCA sponsored by IODE chapter (billing itself as the city’s first art exhibit), The WAA Canada portion travelled to Regina after.

1915, Nov.  15-20 Exhibition of 350 historical pictures from the Elson Studios of London at 221-223 21st Ave., Saskatoon sponsored by the local chapter IODE. My understanding is that these were photographic reproductions.

1916, Jun 15, Sale of Needlework, sketches and Indian work at the CNR station sponsored by the St. James Women’s Auxiliary.

1916, Jun 16, Display of reed work by teachers under the tutorship of F.A. Davis at Fawcett’s Hardware.

1916, Aug. 1-6,  12 paintings from the National Gallery of Canada and 11 from Winnipeg Art Gallery exhibited at Saskatoon’s Agricultural Fair after being shown in Regina at the Fair there.

1916, Aug.  1-6, Exhibition of local artists work in competition for prizes in painting, drawing, photography and china painting at the summer fair.  Miss C. Hoist, Josiah Rackstraw, Gordon Griffiths and others are recurring names.

1916, Nov. 20+ IODE exhibition of historical pictures (reproductions) at the University, Nutana Collegiate and various other Saskatoon venues

1916, Oct 26, Famous works of art on display at Saskatoon government bldg. no further info in newspaper Lt. Gov. G.W.Brown in attendance. (May refer to above ex)

1917, Aug 1-7 NGC Travelling exhibition of 30 Canadian paintings at Saskatoon Fair, previously at Regina Fair

1920, May or June, Showing of British Naval Photographs, no further information

1921, May 24, Exhibition of paintings purchased for the Memorial Collection of Nutana Collegiate along with paintings owned by Saskatoon citizens, as well as a travelling exhibition of 8 paintings from the National Gallery of Canada (which was hung Mar-May) sponsored by the Collegiate Memorial Art Committee at the Nutana Collegiate Auditorium (No newspaper clipping link available but the list was featured in May 22, 1921 Phoenix article which I have reproduced in my post Saskatchewan Art Patrons prior to 1950)

1921, Third week of July, China exhibit at Saskatoon Fair, Mrs. J.C. Smith, Mrs. E.H. Trickey, Miss Johnston

1921, Third week of July, Large Saskatoon Schools exhibit of art. An 8 year old Chong Fet or Park Mark of Saskatoon is singled out as a special artist for his drawing ability. Extensive description of the show which the reviewer found very impressive.

1921,Aug. 8 +, Exhibition of works by summer students in art course at the University of Saskatchewan

1922, July.  Augustus Kenderdine paintings exhibited at the fair, also the Nutana Collegiate Memorial collection and paintings by locals, Margaret Griffiths, Ethel Thorpe, Josiah Rackstraw and William Johnston of Alberta and Rossie? in the prize competition.

1922, July A touring exhibit of War Memorial prints and photographic reproductions of paintings in Canadian War Memorial at Ottawa collection is shown at the summer fair under the aegis of Sgt. Earle.

1922, Third week of October, Exhibition of Saskatchewan paintings sent from Regina  LCW Arts committee  Sask artists show (held previous week) hang with an exhibition of Arts & Crafts sponsored by the Saskatoon LCW Arts Committee at Mrs. Murray’s home (President’s Residence, University of Saskatchewan).  See RLP review quoting Saskatoon newspaper.  Saskatoon paper unreadable.

1923 Nov 15. LCW Arts & Crafts held an exhibit of crafts with some paintings at home of Mrs. Harman

1924, Mar 7, Handicraft of the National Institute for the Blind sponsored by LCW Arts & Crafts in Saskatoon

1924, June 12, Saskatoon Arts& Crafts Society display of Ukrainian and Doukhobor handicraft at the home of Mrs. W. Murray, University of Saskatchewan

1924, Third week of July, Art exhibit at the Saskatoon Fair in the Women’s Building

1926, Nov.26-?, Saskatoon Art Club exhibit at Nutana Collegiate, Sybil Jacobson, James Henderson, Gus Kenderdine and the Nutana Memorial collection

1927, April 23-24 Saskatoon Art Club exhibit at King George Hotel, includes children’s paintings and crafts as well as work by local painters, sculptors and photographers.

1927, June 1 – Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society show of handicraft, pottery by Rupchan of Preeceville and Indian work on display at Mrs. Murray’s home, University of Saskatchewan

1927, Oct. 21 – Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society display of samplers and needlework at YWCA

1927, Nov. 3. 50 Paintings and prints from Cooling Galleries of Bond St., London, England at Tyrie’s Art Shop, supervision of Mr. Morton

1927, Nov. 12 – 16, Nutana Memorial Collection dedication exhibition, Nutana Collegiate .Mention of Sybil Jacobson paintings

1927, Nov. 10 &11 Saskatoon Art Association aka Saskatoon Art Club “first public exhibition”? Included are paintings from the Regina Sask Artists ex of the previous week and 50 Tom Thomson oil sketches and drawings, also work by W.J. Phillips of Winnipeg in addition to works by Saskatoon  and regional artists.

1927, Nov. 14&15 Exhibition& sale of work of Canadian and English artists (travelling ex.) held at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan in support of Memorial Gates project, described as third annual art exhibit in support of this. Newspapers not available to check 1925 or 1926.

1928, April 4 -18, Group of Seven exhibition at Nutana Collegiate sponsored by the Collegiate Art Committee (Initiative of A.W. Cameron, principal of school)

1928, June 1 – Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society display and sale of handicraft at the home of Mrs. Murray, University of Saskatchewan

1928, May 4, Saskatoon Art Association annual spring exhibition at King George Hotel, mostly student work with a display of china painting and pottery from the U of S.

1928, Third week of July, Art Exhibit at the new Art Gallery in the Grandstand at Saskatoon Fair, U of S Collection paintings, Kenderdine and other local artists, some Regina artists. J.H. Lee-Grayson was asked for his opinions on the art show that were featured in an article.

1928, third week of July, China painting ex at the Women’s Building and Handicraft exhibit, Saskatoon Fair

1928, Oct. 22-28, Exhibition & sale of English watercolours, mezzotints and etchings from Richardson Bros. of Winnipeg at Tyrie Art and Picture Framing Co.

1928, Nov. 20 – Display of quilts sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA, one day

1929, Apr. 2 – Annual spring ex of Saskatoon Art Association at the Public Library Auditorium, mainly the work of school students from P.A. & Saskatoon (160 paintings & drawings) but a demonstration of portrait making was given by E. Lindner and china painting and sculpture were on display.

1929, Oct. 29 & later scheduled days of the week-32 oil & watercolour paintings by members of the OSA arranged by the Saskatoon Art Association and shown at Nutana Collegiate Auditorium

1929, Oct. 30- Nov. 6, Exhibition of a large variety of prints and watercolours from Richardson’s of Winnipeg at Tyrie’s Art Gallery on Third Avenue.

1929, Nov. 28, Annual Xmas display and sale of handicrafts sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA Hall.

1930, Jan. 14, Shawl Display sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA, one day

1930, Apr. 22, Fibre Art Display sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA, one day

1930, Mid March, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society sends display to CPR Handicraft Festival in Calgary

1930, Mar.27-29, NGC travelling ex of Austrian woodcut prints at former Thomson Store sponsored by SAA

1930, Apr.21-24, Saskatoon School students artwork at former Thomson store sponsored by SAA

1930, May 14-15, Newly formed P.A. Art Association holds its first exhibition of 40 pictures by Saskatchewan artists at the Board of Trade Building in Prince Albert.  Kenderdine, Henderson, Checkley,  Lindemere of North Battleford and Mr. Scott of Pathlow are mentioned as exhibitors.

1930, second week July, Nutana Memorial Collection – 36 paintings sent to Calgary Fair for exhibition.

1930, Third week July, Nutana Memorial Collection at Saskatoon Fair along with a display of local artists’ work, also paintings by members of Regina WAA (travelling ex. going to North Battleford after) and painted china exhibit. Grandstand Building.

1930, Oct.20-22, Saskatoon Art Association sponsored exhibition of many Saskatchewan artists and Tom Thomson & George Thomson sketches lent by sisters, at store (Consolidated Optical Co.)next to Commodore Cafe on 21st St.

1930, Nov. 22- mid December, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society sale at Hazen Twiss store

1930, Dec. 8-end of month, OSA, RCA & Group of 7 travelling exhibition hosted by Saskatoon Art Association at Memorial Gallery, Nutana Collegiate.

1931, Mar. 7-15, College Art Association Travelling Print Exhibition at the Ross Block co-sponsored by SAA and U of S.

1931, Mar. 11-15, Winnipeg School of Art student Works at the Ross block, sponsored by SAA and U of S

1931, Apr5-11, College Art Association Travelling Painting Exhibition at the Ross Block co-sponsored by SAA and U of S.

1931 – Apr. 5-11, School student exhibition at Ross Building, includes adult painters & sculptors in Saskatoon sponsored by SAA.

1931, Apr. 20, Saskatchewan handicraft display sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA

1931, Mar. 16, Exhibit of Old Lace sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA

1931, Third week July, Variety of local artists exhibit at Summer Fair plus a travelling exhibition of 20 paintings from the National Gallery, Grandstand building

1931, Third week of July, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society display of home industries at Summer Fair, Industrial Building

1931, Oct. 26-31, Art & Curio exhibit at Westminster Church sponsored by Women’s Association

1931, Nov. 28 to Christmas, Needlework Handicraft Show & sale sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at Hazen Twiss Store.

1932, April first week, Annual student exhibition sponsored by SAA at the Technical Collegiate

1932 – Apr 15, School handicraft exhibition at Technical Collegiate, students of Lindner, Barnett, etc.

1932, May 15-17, 48 Historical Woodcut illustrations on display at Kenderdine Studio, Physics Bldg., U of S. No mention of source for this collection.

1932, May 30- Tea & Handicraft display sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at home of Mrs. Peterson

1932, Jun 7, Saskatoon Sketching Club at Tyrie’s Art Shop

1932, Dec. 5 – Christmas, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society sale and exhibit at Hazen Twiss Store

1933, Jan. 23 -25, Winnipeg School of Art Students at Thams Studio, Heintzman Hall sponsored by Saskatoon Art Students group

1933, May 13-20, Display of 80+etchings & woodcuts from the College Art Association and exhibition of the work of Arthur Checkley, Victoria, B.C. (formerly of Saskatoon) plus a viewing of Kenderdine’s mural for the World Grain Growers building in Regina(Red Cross nurses) at Kenderdine’s Studio, Physics Building, University of Saskatchewan

1933, May 20-27, Scenic British Posters sponsored by the CPR  displayed at the CPR depot

1933 May 23 – Saskatoon Arts & Crafts (Teapots)Display and Sale at YWCA

1933, June 3, Young students of Miss Ethel Thorpe at Tyrie Art Store

1933, Aug. 7-11, Work by local artists in the grandstand building, Saskatoon Fair

1933, Aug. 7-11, 54 Watercolour paintings from the NGC, travelling ex from WGG in Regina at Saskatoon Fair

1933, Sep 11-14, James Jenkin and students, 300 works at his studio at 125 Albert Ave.

1933, Sep 14, Academy of Fine Arts Reception & Exhibition, Stratford Block, 2nd Ave.

1933, Dec. 10-25, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society show and sale at Hazen Twiss Store

1934, Jan. 22-27, California Color Prints (50) travelling ex by NGC at Physics Bldg., U of S

1934, Feb. 12- Mar.7, NGC travelling ex of Royal Scottish Watercolour artists (110) at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan

1934, Feb. 13 – ? Work of J. Jenkin students on display at Hazen-Twiss Bookstore

1934, Feb. 19, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Jug Show at YWCA

1934, May 6-8, Art and Craft display and sale at St. Paul’s Church in Kindersley  sponsored by the Young Men’s Forum

1934, Mar. 15 – Annual Museum Tea and Exhibit at Convocation Hall and Kenderdine’s studio – documents, photographs, crafts and recent paintings by Kenderdine.

1934, Mar. 17-27 week, Ukrainian Easter Eggs on display in window of Loschak’s Jewellery Store in the Traveler’s Block sponsored by the Ukrainian Ladies Auxiliary. Artists Helen Sherban and Olga Krawchuk also demonstrate the art during the display period.

1934, Mar. 28-29, Technical School Students art display & Clay modelling demo at Technical School.

1934, Apr. 11-Apr. 30, RCA Travelling exhibition of 80 pictures  sponsored by NGC at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan

1934, Apr. 23 -? Punch Cartoons  sponsored by the magazine and the National Gallery of Canada, no location mentioned in single article about the show but limited venues  for it.

1934, May 13, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society Display and Sale at YWCA. Old candlesticks was the theme of the display.

1934, May 17-24, Britain Illustrated, a travelling show of 100 photographs from the Times of London, sponsored by them and the Canadian National Council for Education, hosted by the Star Phoenix at 240 Third Avenue. Newspaper article has a complete list of photos shown.

1934, First week July, Handicraft display by the German-Canadian Association on third floor Eaton’s Department Store

1934, Mid July, Exhibition of Local Artists and Paintings from U of S Collection at Saskatoon Fair, grandstand building

1934, Third week July, Exhibition of Handicrafts at the Summer Fair

1934, Nov. 27, Norwegian Handicraft at Convocation Hall, U of S, sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts

1935, Jan. 29-Feb. 15 – A travelling show of International art sponsored by the National Gallery of Canada and the Carnegie Corporation  and a travelling show of Walter J. Phillips prints and paintings were shown simultaneously at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan, arranged by the Art committee of Council.  Photos of featured art works appeared in early February newspapers.

1935, Feb. 18-19, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts exhibition with Hilda Stewart paintings at Hudson’s  Bay Co.

1935, Mar. 28, Technical Collegiate Night Class Art & Craft Display at Technical Collegiate

1935, Apr. 12-13, Handicraft & Art Display at Hudson’s Bay Co. sponsored by Art Appreciation Club

1935, Apr. 24-25, Art Students of Ethel Thorpe and Pat Campbell at Tyrie’s Art Shop

1935, May 3, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts exhibition and sale at YWCA (Theme was boxes)

1935, July 4-6, Ukrainian Handicraft exhibition at the Stadium sponsored by Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada meeting in Saskatoon

1935, Third week of July, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society display at Saskatoon Fair

1935, July 24, Travelling exhibition of 82 British paintings (curated by W.G.Constable, U of London) and 177 photos selected by Ottawa Camera club at Saskatoon Fair, complemented by a selection of local artists’ work, Kenderdine mentioned.

1935, December, Travelling ex. of 50 Canadian watercolour paintings at Convocation Hall, U of S

1935 – Dec.7 – Christmas, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Show and Sale at Hazen Twiss Store

1936, Feb 15, Public display of mainly Swedish handicraft with a borrowed collection  of Swedish crafts shown at the International Folk Festival sponsored by the Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA

1936, Apr. 7&8 – A showing and sale of The Webberly Collection of European Paintings at the Bessborough Hotel.  200 paintings by Old Masters and ‘conservative moderns’ purchased from various collections in England

1936, May 1, Display of art & handicraft sponsored by the Art Appreciation Club at YWCA to raise money for their art scholarship fund

1936, May 22, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society exhibition & sale at Bessborough Hotel

1936, third week of July, Art exhibit at the Saskatoon Fair grandstand building with special displays of Kenderdine and LG Saunders (see note in solo exhibitions list)

1936, Third week of July, Handicraft exhibit in the Industrial Building at Saskatoon Fair

1936 Sept, Doll display at Public Library & at YWCA on Sept. 23 sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society

1936, Nov. 21, Opening of new Historical Museum at U of S, art & handicraft on display

1936, Last week of September, Work of students of James L. Jenkin at Hudson’s Bay store

1936, Nov. 22, Open display at Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society meeting, YWCA

1936 Dec.5 – 15, Exhibition & sale by the Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at Hazen Twiss store

1937, Mar. 6-15, NGC travelling ex of Third Canadian International Salon of Photography (184 photos) hung at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan and second week at the Drinkle Bldg under the auspices of the Saskatoon Camera Club

1937, Apr. 4-5, Exhibit of art students of Ethel Thorpe at Tyrie’s Art Shop

1937, April 10, Needlework and Watercolour ex at Hudson’s Bay Co. sponsored by Art Appreciation Society

1937, Apr 17-24, Annual Spring Ex of Saskatoon Art Association at Drinkle Building, 86 pieces by Sask. artists

1937, Apr. 22, Annual Student Handicraft ex at Technical Collegiate, also paintings by Ernest Lindner

1937, third week of May, Ukrainian handicraft sponsored by the Ukrainian Labour Temple Assoc. & Swedish handicraft collected together by the Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at the Cosmopolitan Fair at the Bessborough Hotel, also work of other nationalities.

1937, June 10, Exhibit of Margaret Sommerville McDonald’s prairie needlework designs, sent from McLeod, Alberta and demonstration of weaving by Mrs. J.H. Fraser of Saskatoon with display of woven goods at the Homemakers Convention, University of Saskatchewan.

1937, June 12, Barbara Barber  of WAA Saskatchewan exhibits work of some Regina artists to Homemakers Convention at U of S and talks about Saskatchewan art in reference to University collection hanging  in Convocation Hall

1937, June 19, Ukrainian handicraft at the Legion Hall sponsored by the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association Women’s branch

1937, July 1-6, Saskatoon Camera Club holds an exhibit of member’s work at the Bessborough Hotel. More than 80 enlargement prints from postage stamp size prints of all types of subjects.

1937, July 20, Annual Exhibition of Saskatchewan artists at Saskatoon Fair, grandstand (100 paintings) and a travelling exhibition of 17 works by Tom Thomson, no source mentioned but likely the NGC

1937, Nov. 17, Saskatoon Art Association fall exhibit at Criterion Hall, 200 pieces

1937, First week of December to ?, Exhibition of Saskatchewan artists at Convocation Hall, sponsored by U of S, curated by Kenderdine. Exhibition slated to travel to P.A., North Battleford, Yorkton, Melville, Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Regina, Weyburn and other points in province. (I believe this is the show  of Saskatchewan artists mentioned in Mendel Art Gallery’s chronology of James Henderson, the show travelled from Dec. 15 to March 6, 1938, according to the writer, James Lanigan)

1937, Dec. 18, Annual Display and Sale of Ukrainian handicraft sponsored by the Ukrainian Women’s Association at Criterion Cafe

1937, Dec. 9-23, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Show and Sale at Hazen Twiss store

1938, Feb. 2 , Saskatoon Camera Club members ex at Nutana Collegiate

1938, Feb18 – 25. NGC Travelling ex of RCA paintings at Convocation Hall, University of Sask  and from Feb. 25- Mar. 1 at Public Library under the auspices of the SAA

1938- Apr 25-30   SAA ex at the Public Library, juried by art historian Gordon Snelgrove, 86 canvases plus clay modelling

1938, Apr 25-30, Hilda Stewart open studio, display of student work and her own at the Art Studio, University of Saskatchewan

1938, May 2, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts spring show and sale at YWCA

1938, May 15 – Saskatoon Arts & Crafts exhibit at YWCA

1938, Third week May – Art Appreciation Society created a display of two model home interiors, Victorian and Modern in rooms of the Hudson’s Bay Co. store.

1938 – Jul 27, Mainly Saskatoon artists at Saskatoon Fair, Art Gallery

1938, Last week of September and on, SAA Members show at Edmonton Museum of Art and then travelling to Vancouver Art Gallery

1938, Sept. 28 – Oct.4, SAA Annual Fall exhibition at Hudson’s Bay Co. Cannot find any press coverage.

1938, Dec. 4, SAA members display of original Christmas Cards & print-making demo at Saskatoon Public Library, cards then moved to Saskatoon Arts & Crafts display at Hazen Twiss (below)

1938, Dec. 7-Christmas, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Display and Sale at Hazen Twiss Store

1938, Dec. 17, Ukrainian Handicraft destined for Museum, sponsored by the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Saskatoon at their annual bazaar, King George Hotel.

1939- 21-27 Apr, SAA Annual Spring ex at Connaught Building, 110 canvases, 36 artists mostly from Saskatoon

1939- Last week of April, Display of students work at Hilda Stewart’s studio at the University of Saskatchewan.

1939 – Jul 26, Saskatchewan artists at Saskatoon Fair, Art Gallery, distinctions being made between professionals and amateurs.

1939 – Jul 26, Saskatoon Camera Club exhibits 100 photos at Saskatoon Fair

1939, Nov. 17&18, Handiwork of Women’s Auxiliaries of Northern Saskatchewan Reserves sold in support of their activities by the Archbishop’s wife Mrs. Paul at 129 2nd Ave. North (store)

1939, December, Annual Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society Display & Sale at Hazen Twiss Store. Weaving is featured.

1939, Dec. 16, One day exhibit and sale of Ukrainian Handicrafts at King George Hotel sponsored by the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Saskatoon

1939, Nov & December, Travelling exhibition of four Saskatchewan artists (Steiger, Stewart, Kenderdine and Henderson) sent to Vancouver for a show at the VAG from Nov. 21-Dec.1 and from Mid December at the Calgary City Hall for three days and then moved to the Provincial Institute of Technology Art Department for undetermined time. (There is no local newspaper report of this exhibition but it is referred to in James Lanigan’s timeline for James Henderson at the Mendel Art Gallery website and there is a published review of the show in the Calgary Herald, dated 16 Dec 1939) I assume it was organized by Snelgrove at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon but there is no mention .

1940, Mar. 25 – ?, Travelling exhibition of Contemporary painting by Maritime provinces artists at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan

1940, 27 Apr – 11 May, SAA ex at Hudson’s Bay Co. Store, Winnipeg, B.C. & Alberta artists represented in addition to Saskatchewan artists from Regina and Saskatoon. Ex. opened by Arthur Lismer.

1940 – Jul 25, Local Artists at Saskatoon Fair, only Fred Steiger’s display is covered in SSP

1940 – Sep. 30 , Showing of Saskatchewan artists, most from Saskatoon, at the Edmonton Art museum

1940 – Oct. 1-7, SAA Fall exhibition in aid of the Red Cross at fourth floor Hudson’s Bay Store, Saskatoon

1940 – Dec. ? Showing of Saskatchewan artists (most from Saskatoon) at the Vancouver Art Gallery

1940 – Dec. 6, Handiwork of Women’s Auxiliaries of Northern Saskatchewan Reserves (Diocese of Saskatchewan) sold in support of their activities by the Archbishop’s wife Mrs. Paul in the Heintzman bldg.

1940 – Dec. 9 to Christmas – Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society show and sale at Hazen Twiss Store

1942 – Apr 18-30, SAA spring exhibition at Hudson’s Bay Co. Auditorium, 141 pictures, Manitoba & Alberta artists included, juried by Bart Pragnell of Moose Jaw

1941 – 30 Apr. Show & Sale by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society at YWCA

1942, Nov 21- 28, Saskatoon Art Association & Canadian Painters Etchers-Engravers (3 artists) at Hudson’s Bay Auditorium

1942, November 30- Dec.7 British Children’s Art from British Council at Victoria School, Saskatoon

1942, Nov. 29 -Dec. 3 National Gallery Collection 21 paintings at Convocation Hall, U of S.

1943, Jan. 18 – Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society has a display of Spoons at their club rooms.

1943, Feb. 10-25, Prince Albert School Children’s work at Victoria School, Wynona Mulcaster speaks, followed by Saskatoon School Children’s work on Feb. 27 – Mar. 6 at Victoria School sponsored by SAA

1943, May 12 – Saskatoon Handicraft Guild has a display of Members’ Needlework at YWCA

1943, 25-29 May, Saskatoon Art Association  7th annual Spring Show, no review in local paper – just editorial marking the occasion.

1943, Nov. 8-15 Saskatoon Art Association Fall show at possibly the Hudson’ Bay Auditorium?

1944, Feb. 21 -26, SAA presents a travelling ex of CPE prints and Goodridge Roberts watercolour paintings at Hudson’s Bay Auditorium

1944, March, 13 SAA artists send their work to the Manitoba Society of Artists annual display in Winnipeg

1944, May 8 –20, 8th Annual Saskatoon Art Association Spring Exhibit featuring Saskatchewan and outside province artists (May 22-31).  Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Bldg. A selection from the Sask show was formed as a travelling exhibit which went out of province.  This was the first show at the new Saskatoon Art Centre in the Standard Trust Building.

1944, 9 Nov to Nov. 25, Fall Saskatoon Art Association show, SAC , Standard Trust Building

1944, Nov. 26-Dec. 7, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society exhibition of Saskatchewan handicraft at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1944, Dec. to Dec. 16 – National Gallery travelling exhibition “American Artists for Victory” at SAC, Standard Trust Bldg.

1944, Dec to Dec. 20, Little Theatre Design work from western provinces at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1944, Christmas holidays, British Columbia Art at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, Jan. MOMA, NY, “Look to your neighbourhood” at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, Feb. 12 – Saskatoon Art Centre Show and Auction, SAC members, Standard Trust Building

1945, Feb. 20-25, Royal Canadian Academy paintings circulated by National Gallery, SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, Mar. 13-25, Alberta Society of Artists at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, Mar 28- Apr. 8, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts exhibition of provincial weaving at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, Apr.10-25, Exhibit of SAC children’s classes under W. Mulcaster at the Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building

1945, Apr 28 – May 6, Western Photography Salon travelling exhibition of selected prints at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, May 8-20 Saskatoon Art Association Spring Show, SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, May 18, Saskatoon Crafts Guild holds an exhibition of petit-point art at YWCA

1945, May 25 – ? Canadian Army Art at the Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building.  Snelgrove adjudicated the Saskatchewan segment which was curated from Ottawa.

1945, May 28-June 1, 35 Canadian oil paintings at YMCA sponsored by the National War Services Committee of the YMCA, not sure if it is related to above.

1946, May 7 -24,Sask FCA Provincial Artists Exhibit at Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building juried by H.G. Glyde. Show travels around and out of the province.

1946, Jul 24 to early August, Travelling exhibition of Canadian Painters, Etchers and Engravers(CPEE) is held at SAC. Jean Swanson writes a review in Star Phoenix.(code blue won’t copy)

1946, Jul 24 to early August, Travelling exhibition of Canadian Painters, Etchers and Engravers(CPEE) is held at SAC. Jean Swanson writes a review in Star Phoenix.

1946, Aug. 10-24, IBM sponsored Travelling exhibition of British art (28 paintings & 6 sculptures) at SAC, Standard Trust Building. This show was at Eaton’s in Regina the following spring (1947)

1946, Nov. 19 +two weeks, SAA Fall Show at the Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building

1947, Sept. Thirty Silkscreen prints commissioned by the NGC for service people in WWII at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1947, mid October to end, Ontario Society of Artists show at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1947, Nov. SAA Fall exhibition at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1948, First half of January, Three painters from Calgary at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1948, Jan.13 – 27, 20 Old Master art reproductions at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1948, Feb. Saskatoon Camera Club ex and Japanese prints at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1948, Feb. 7 – ?, 23 Reproductions of 19th Century art at the SAC, Standard Trust Building

1948 Apr.27-May16., SAA Spring Juried Exhibition (53 works)at Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building. 32 works from this show were sent out on tour with the Western Art Circuit after

1948, May 18-June 6, Current trends in Montreal Painting circulated by FCA at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1948, Jun 28- July 18, B.C. Group of Painters at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1948, Third week of July, Saskatoon Photo Salon with contributions from London, Port Colborne and Manitoba Camera Clubs, also Saskatchewan artists in the art gallery at the Saskatoon Summer Fair

1948, Aug. 10-29, Teenage Art Exhibition at Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building

1948, First half of Sept. Twenty paintings from Calgary Group at Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building

1948, Oct. 5, Western Canada Photographic Salon organized by Saskatoon Camera Club at SAC, Standard Trust Building, then sent out of province

1948, Oct. 19, Canadian Society of Painters, Etchers and Engravers show at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1949, Jan 8, Canadian Group of Painters at Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building

1949, Jan. 11-30, Prospectors Group at Saskatoon Art Centre (9 Sask. artists)- see undated clipping in bios of Saskatchewan Men Artists, newspaper review not available due to missing issues of Star-Phoenix. However this show did later travel out of the province to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

1949, Feb. 15 – Feb. 25, Canadian Art Now sponsored by the FCA at SAC, Standard Trust Building – see Ottawa Citizen article from 1948 which describes this show in greater detail when it was shown at NGC

1949, Apr.?, Exhibition of student works by N. Bjelejac class at the U of S, Hangar Building?

1949, Apr. 5-24 – NCW sponsored travelling exhibition of Canadian Women Artists, an abbreviated version of the same exhibition shown at Riverside, N.Y. in 1947, shows at Saskatoon Art Centre. Owing to an absence of many newspapers from this time period, I was not able to find any further coverage beyond the announcement.

1949, Apr. 12 -?, Mile of Pictures Show and Sale sponsored by the SAC as a fundraiser, art works shown in downtown stores donated by local artists.

1949, Oct. 25-Nov. 13.  55 paintings from the Fred Mendel Collection at the SAC’s new location in the King George Hotel

1950, Oct. 13-Oct.22, IBM sponsored travelling exhibit of “30 American artists since 1860” at the SAC, King George Hotel

1950, Nov. 3 – Annual SAA Fall Exhibition at the SAC, King George Hotel

1950, early December, Canadian Society of painters in Watercolour travelling exhibition at SAC, King George Hotel

1950, Dec. 15, 25 paintings by Arthur Lismer sent by NGC at the SAC

1951, Last half of January, Exhibition of paintings by Mr. Petley-Jones at SAC (not clear who this is)

1951, First half of February, 70 photographic prints by Saskatoon Camera Club at SAC, King George Hotel

1951, Last half February,33 Maritime province paintings from a travelling exhibit at SAC

1951, May 8 & 9, Saskatoon Handicraft Guild annual display at H.M.C.S. Unicorn building

1951, Sep. 16-30, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour Silver Jubilee travelling ex at Saskatoon Art Centre

Solo Exhibitions 

1905, May 24 to end of year, Mrs. A.D. Woods display of paintings at Cairns Store in advertisement for her art teaching.

1907,Apr 8, Exhibition of watercolours by Helena Robinson at  Saskatoon Furniture Co. (no mention of artist except name so don’t know if she’s a local)

1909, Aug.  Mention is made of a display of watercolours and sketches by D. Harnett, former student of the N.Y. Student Art League at the Summer Fair, Grandstand Building.

1910- Nov. 16 -17, Exhibition of hand painted china by Iola Fowler at her studio in 10-Masonic Temple Building

1910, Dec. 13-24, Miss Margaret Sisler’s annual exhibition & sale of painted china at Standard Furniture Co. store in the MacBeth block.

1911 Jan. 6 -? Display of watercolours by H.A. Grindlay, famous Scottish painter, who is also advertising lessons at his Saskatoon home.  Watercolours are displayed at the Great West Furniture Co.

1911 Apr. 6 – ? Display of watercolours at Hebb Stationery by a modest local unnamed male artist whom I suspect was Mr. Grindlay (see above)

1912, Dec. 3, Juliet (Mrs. A.F.) Burdoin exhibits 30 oil paintings, florals, landscapes and interiors at the art shop on 2nd avenue (that’s the description of the location, which suggests it might be Tyrie’s Art Shop)

1915, Nov. 20, Anna Rue Kleven paintings at Furniture Department of Cairns Store, She recently arrived from North Dakota via Moose Jaw to live in Saskatoon. She seems to have shown her paintings at every summer fair in Saskatoon between 1916-1919 inclusive but no coverage of it in the Star Phoenix, only in Saskatoon Daily Star, intermittently. She was not competing for prizes, just presenting a one person show.

1920 Dec. 20, Wyndham Griffiths and Gordon Griffiths exhibit their paintings in the window of Berry’s store

1921, Aug. 27, Captain C. King-Mason at Mrs. Millar’s Gift Store.  ( Previously exhibited at Saskatoon Fair in July)

1924, July, Mrs. F. J. Parsons watercolour exhibit, place unreadable, but probably at the Summer fair.

1924, Third week of July, Art exhibit at the Saskatoon Fair, separate exhibit of painted china by Mrs. E.H.  (Alma)Trickey

1927, May 10. Exhibition of paintings (portraits, equestrian and historical works) by North Battleford artist Richard Lindemere at the Saskatoon Business College. Lindemere also gave a talk on his paintings to the Saskatoon Art Club.  This was an exhibition held during their meeting so may not have been considered public.


1930, Feb. 7, Weaving demonstration & display of work of Winnipeg weaver Mitzi Anderson Dale at YWCA sponsored by Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society, one day

1930, Nov. 21, Announcement appears in Regina Leader Post that Nicholas Grandmaison is having a showing of his paintings in Saskatoon this week, no coverage at all in Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

1931, Sep 4-6, Mrs. Langham paintings displayed at Tyrie’s Art Store

1931, Oct. 26-30 – Gordon Griffiths exhibition of watercolours at Butler Byers Bros in the Avenue Bldg.

1931, Oct 23-30 – James Jenkin oils and watercolour paintings at Hazen-Twiss Store

1931, Last week in December, NGC travelling ex of 58 wood engravings by Claire Leighton at Butler Byers Bros in the Avenue Bldg. Sponsored by SAA.

1932, Jan. 25, Paintings and sketches by Charles H. Lemery on display in windows of Hudson’s Bay store

1932, Sep 14 – Display of oil & waterclr. paintings by J. Jenkin and students in Hazen Twiss store

1932, Dec. 5 – Hilda Stewart paintings on display at Birks, Ltd., may have been exhibited earlier in the fall at U of S with travelling display of British art

1933, May 23-28 Ernest Lindner display of paintings, illustrations at Hazen Twiss store

1933, Nov. 25 – Dec. 7, Mildred Valley Thornton paintings at Hazen Twiss Store

1933, Dec. 18-25, New work by Ernest Lindner at Hazen Twiss store

1934, Jan. 18 Agnes Warren paintings at Hazen Twiss Store

1934, First week February, Hal Maguire Paintings and Poster work at Hazen Twiss Store

1934, Apr. 2-7 Fred Steiger paintings & commercial work at Wilson Stationery Store

1934, May 7-14, Painted tapestries by Mrs. J.I. Bryant of Castor, Alberta displayed at Hazen Twiss store.

1934, June 6 English artist Edward Minton (1800-1894) 90 works shown at home of collectors Mr. & Mrs. F. G. Greenaway sponsored by Mayfair Circle of St. Thomas Wesley Women’s Auxiliary

1934, Jun 30- Jul 4, Large collection of Berthold Imhoff paintings shown with German-Canadian Arts & Crafts show at Eaton’s Department Store.

1934, Oct.4, Fred Steiger watercolour portraits at Wilson’s Stationery preceding his exhibition in Winnipeg

1935, Last week February, An oil painting by Thomas B. Wilson of Fiske is shown in the window of Arlington Art Studio on 21st St.

1935, Mar. 7, Augustus Kenderdine Open Studio display at Administration Building, University of Saskatchewan in conjunction with Historical artifacts display by Historical Society

1935, June 10, Robert Hurley watercolours at Hazen Twiss Store

1935, Jun 22, Agnes Warren paintings at the Wilson Stationery Co.

1935, Aug. 19, L.G. Saunders photos & watercolours at Tyrie’s Art Shop

1935, Oct. First week, Madeleine Barnett sculptures at Hazen & Twiss Bookstore

1935, Dec. 6-8, Emile Walters Icelandic paintings at T. Eaton Co. 23 paintings travelling exhibition under the artist’s own auspices.

1935, Dec. 11-15, L.G. Saunders Photograph exhibition at Tyrie’s Art Shop

1936, Feb. 3, Alice Elger Lindsay & Edna Elger Hannan at Hazen Twiss Department store, “artists recently arrived from Lloydminster” (I think they departed for Lloydminster too because there is no mention of them again)

1936, Apr. 17-24, Solo show of 52 canvases by Gus Kenderdine at the Bessborough Hotel, sponsored by the Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society

1936, Last week of July, 70 Kenderdine paintings + L G Saunders display of photography at the Grandstand building, Saskatoon Fair

1937, Mar. 10-15, LG Saunders, 65 photos at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan

1937, Apr. 24, Exhibition of Dr. LG Saunders photos sponsored by SAA at Saskatoon Normal School ( same exhibition as above but a changed venue)

1938, Apr. 3, Jessie Fraser Phillips ex of paintings at her home, 614 Albert Ave. sponsored by Art Appreciation Club

1938, Mar. 21-28, J.E.H. McDonald’s The Tangled Garden on display at Convocation Hall, U of S and then from Mar. 28 – Apr. 5 at Saskatoon Public Library, sponsored by NGC

1938, first Week of June, Lino-cut prints by Alice Gardiner, visiting artist, at Hazen Twiss Store

1940, Mar 17 -24, Exhibition of 70 watercolour and miniature paintings by Hilda J. Stewart at Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan

1941, Jan. 24-?, Exhibition of paintings by Jessie Phillips (Mrs. H.G.) in downtown Saskatoon store

1942, Nov. 30 – Dec. 5, Fred Steiger paintings at Tivoli Theatre. Apparently, Steiger’s studio burned down in December, 1942 and he left Saskatoon shortly after so this was his last local show.

1943 Mar. 20 >, Exhibition of 8 Lawren Harris paintings at Saskatoon Art Centre.  This exhibit travelled to Regina afterwards

1944, Jan. 17 – Exhibition of Tom Thomson sketches from the collection of his sisters, the Mesdames Henry of Aberdeen, Sask. at the Chemistry Theatre, University of Saskatchewan possibly sponsored by University Women’s Club who were holding a special National Film Board film night there.

1944, Mar. 20-27 – Louis Muhlstock Drawings (War industry), Hudson’s Bay auditorium

1944, Aug. 12 – Hilda Stewart & Robert Hurley at Saskatoon Art Centre, SAA, Standard Trust Bldg.

1944, Oct. 27-Nov. 5, H.G. Glyde watercolour exhibition at SAC, Standard Trust Building

1945, Feb 2, W.P. Weston exhibit at the SAC, part of the Western Art Circuit

1945 Feb. 26- Mar. 2, Exhibition of linocuts by Dr. L.G. Saunders at SAC

1945, Mar. 6 to Mar. 11 Paintings by Kao Weng and Chan K’un-i of China at Saskatoon Art Centre and Uof S, Western Art Circuit

1946, Feb. 7 – ?, Exhibition of 40 paintings by Joe Plaskett, Alberta at the SAC

1946, June 12 +, Ernest Lindner shows 50 works in a solo show (first) at the Saskatoon Art Centre, Standard Trust Building.

1946, week of Oct. 8 – Exhibition of Violet Johnson’s petit-point pictures at SAC sponsored by Saskatoon Craft Guild.  Violet Johnson was from Regina and work was nationally known.

1947, Last week Sep, first week Oct. Maxwell Bates of Calgary at SAC

1948, First half of April, Paintings and Illustrations by Ella Jacoby Walker from her book at SAC

1948, Second half of April, Hilda Stewart paintings at SAC, last Saskatoon exhibition by her

1948, June 8 -? Pegi Nicol McLeod exhibition at SAC

1948, Oct. 28-29, Display of Robert Hurley paintings at a teacher’s meeting in Strasbourg, Sask.

1949, Feb. 7-13, H.G. Glyde paintings and Gordon Weber serigraphs at SAC

1949, Oct. 7-21, Lawren Harris show at the new SAC location in the King George Hotel

©Lisa G. Henderson


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