Group and solo art exhibitions in Regina & vicinity 1889-1950

This list is provisional, made up of entries from my Saskatchewan Art News Index to 1920 and selections from the Regina Leader-Post and its predecessors 1920-1950 and reports from the Regina LCW Arts & Letters Committee.  I have used the format: approximate dates, title where known or description, sponsoring or hosting body and location of exhibit. Group exhibitions precedes the list of solo exhibitions. As I am conserving the limited blog space, the exhibition lists do not contain any links. Feel free to look up the reports yourself using the dates of the exhibitions as guides. I will be linking newspaper reports of the majority of these exhibitions in other posts dealing with specific associations, themes or artists and my introductory essay on the Exhibition Lists  also contains links to some of them.

*All art exhibitions originating outside and travelling into the province are marked in blue, all originating from and travelling outside the province are marked in purple.

**Re: Annual summer agricultural fairs. The Regina fair began in 1883 but a professional board wasn’t set up until 1906. Prize lists appear in the newspaper during the summer fairs and more than occasionally mention art.  I have selected some reports of the outstanding exhibitions at the fairs but the list is far from comprehensive. Special summer exhibitions were held in Regina in 1895 (Territorial Exhibition included displays from all parts of the NWT), 1911 (Dominion Exhibition) and 1933 (World Grain Growers Exhibition). There was also a special pioneer celebration in Regina in 1942 celebrating 50 years of the city. In the late 1920s the art exhibitions became more ambitious and professional and many of these later ones are listed.  Note that in Saskatchewan the term fair and exhibition were both used interchangeably for these events. I have used the term fair to avoid confusion with the art exhibitions held within them.

***This list contains a few mentions of art exhibitions in other Saskatchewan communities around Regina.  I have placed them under Regina because they were announced in the Leader-Post.  This list would be much longer if I had digital access to other Saskatchewan newspapers.

Acronyms used include:

WAA: Women’s Art Association of Saskatchewan, also WAA FAAG, refers to a committee of the Women’s Art Association , Fine and Applied Arts Guild.

LCW FAAC or ALC refers to Local Council of Women (Regina Branch Fine and Applied Arts Committee (1920-29) or Arts and Letters Committee (1930>) NCW – National Council of Women

RSAALS: Regina Society for the Advancement of Art, Literature and Science

RCA – Royal Canadian Academy, OSA – Ontario Society of Artists, CSPE – Canadian Society of Painters and Engravers, NGC– National Gallery of Canada, FCA – Federation of Canadian Artists,  WEC – Women’s Educational Club (Regina)

Group exhibitions

1889 – Mid October – Amateur art exhibit at Regina Agricultural fair includes mention of locals Mrs. Swanston and Miss Gilroy and J.H. Holtby among others.

1895- First week of August, Fine Art exhibition at the Territorial Exhibition in Regina. Names of several Saskatchewan artists mentioned in editorial in the Leader

1908, Aug. 15, Annual Qu’appelle Indian Exhibition, Craft exhibition at File Hills Reserve

1908, Oct 17, Display of complete custom made dining room suite manufactured by Craftsmen Ltd. In the window of The Trading Company. Craftsmen Ltd. was a local design and manufacturing firm and architect F.C. Clemesha was a principal.

1910, May, Exhibition of Indian Beadwork at Archie McDonald’s (ex-Hudson’s Bay factor whose home was a sort of museum already) house in Fort Qu’appelle sponsored by the Western Art Association, exhibition later travelled to Indian Head and Pense

1910 – Oct 6, Regina Society for the Advancement of Art, Literature and Science (RSAALS) First Annual Conversazione, show of artworks lent by citizens at the Collegiate Institute.

1911 – Oct. 6&7, RSAALS Second Annual Conversazione, exhibition of artworks lent by Regina citizens at the Collegiate Institute.

1911 – June 9, Western Art Association exhibition of Ecclesiastical art in Saskatchewan
at Regina City Hall

1912 – Oct 22, RSAALS Third Annual Art Exhibit (artworks and curios borrowed from local collectors) at the Collegiate Institute.

1912, June 29 – Exhibition of students of Mary T. Magee: Fred Loveroff, Harriette Keating, etc.  at old Black Block, Magee’s studio.

1913, June 11-12, Exhibition of Lace curated by the Western Art Association at YWCA Gymnasium in Regina.  The exhibition then travelled to Indian Head, Sask. about June 15

1913, June 25, Exhibition of china painting by pupils of Mary T. Magee at her studio

1914 Feb. 17 – 23.RSAALS sponsored Fourth Annual Art Exhibit at Provincial Normal School

Aka “First Regina Artists Exhibit,” 3 rooms. Included 130 works on canvas, drawings, photography, carvings, metal work, lace, etc.  Local artists shown who were named in Morning Leader were Inglis Sheldon-Williams, James Henderson, Miss E.G. Popham, Miss Dorothea Sheldon-Williams, Frank Chenoweth, A.M. Lloyd, Mary T. Magee.  A catalogue was printed for this exhibition.

1914, June 12, Western Art Association showing of their exhibition of Enamels, Metalwork ,Ivory which had been shown at Fort Qu’appelle, Qu’Appelle, Indian Head and Pense earlier in June  and was supposed to arrive in  Regina on this date but there is no newspaper coverage of it so it may not have made it to Regina.   Apparently, a Miss Collyer lent her ivory miniatures which compared favourably with sample of older miniatures in the show.

1914, Last week of July, Amateur Art exhibition at Regina Fair

1914, Dec. 11 – Women’s Art Exchange at the Market Building, this handicraft marketing group continued to hold these events until 1920 at least.

1915, May 20, Exhibition of Indian Beadwork from three reserves at the home of Mrs. Hall in Fort Qu’Appelle sponsored by Western Art Association, exhibition later travelled to  Balcarres, June 2, and Qu’Appelle, June 4

1915, May 26-29, 36 Paintings from WAA of Toronto exhibited at YWCA, sponsored by local chapter IODE.  This exhibition had also been in Saskatoon where it was part of a larger Saskatoon exhibition.

1915, July 1, Posters from the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee of Great Britain displayed at the Leader Building on Hamilton street.

1915, Sep.11-15, Recruiting posters from Victoria, Australia displayed at the Leader bldg.

1915, Oct. 7 +, Travelling exhibition of 350 carbon photographs of Old Masters displayed at the Normal School sponsored by the Elson Art Co. Exhibit also displayed in other southern Sask. centres

1916 – Last week of July National Gallery (12) and Winnipeg Art Gallery (11)sent a travelling exhibition to the summer fair in Regina, Regina artists also exhibited in limited numbers, James Henderson, Inglis Sheldon-Williams and Miss E.G. Popham.  The National Gallery and Winnipeg pictures then travelled to Saskatoon Fair. Art committee included Norman McKenzie. Housed in the Dairy building on Regina Exhibition Grounds

1916, Last Week of July, Indian exhibits from File Hills Indian Agency & Western Art Association at the Regina Fair

1917, Last Week of July, NGC Travelling exhibition of 30 Canadian paintings, locally owned & produced art and Indian beadwork at Regina Fair in the Winter Fair building

1917, Last week of July, Smythe & Vidal Collections of Indian relics and curios at the Regina Fair. Collectors lived at Katepwa Beach.

1917, Dec. 7, Historical British pictures sponsored by IODE at Regina Normal School, exhibition travels around the province

1918, Jan. 22 – Feb. 1 NGC travelling exhibition at Regina College, Women’s Educational Club. One article describes these paintings as being hung for a few months?

1918, Mar 20 Apr 22– Historical Pictures Travelling Exhibition, IODE sponsored travelling across the province. These were black & white prints of historical paintings.

1918, Apr 4, Regina Art Club (possible forerunner of Regina Sketch Club) sponsored an exhibit of Regina College student work at Regina College

1918 May 15 – LCW Immigration Committee sponsoring “foreign born” needlework exhibition at Wetmore School and Victoria School

1918, Third week of July, Art work of school children of Regina shown at the Regina Fair, no other art exhibit that year because of a devastating fire at the ex the previous year

1919, Mid April, Art exhibit at Regina College coinciding with the Teacher’s convention, faculty arranged, no further info

1919, Early October, Travelling exhibition of British Naval Photographs sponsored by the British and Canadian Ministries of Information at the Sherwood Building

1920 Mar. 4, NGC travelling ex & some locally owned paintings at Regina College sponsored by Women’s Educational Club

1920 Apr 15 NGC travelling ex. of 15 paintings (some Gof7) at Regina College (LCW FAAC report)

1920, Last week of July, Aerial photographs of Saskatoon, first known aerial photos of Saskatchewan taken by the surveys branch, Sask. Dept. Of Highways, shown at the Regina Fair.

1920, Last week of July, Samples of pottery products  made from Willow Bunch Clay by T. Withy of the Saskatchewan Bureau of Labour and Industries shown at the Regina Fair

1920, Oct. 27 Regina College, LCW Fine and Applied Arts Committee first annual art exhibition with many borrowed European  and Canadian works from Regina citizens and some paintings by local artists David Payne, Harriette Keating, C.S. R. Ferguson, Fernand de Broux, James Henderson.

1921, Mar 2, Display of Saskatchewan ceramic works, Miss Pachal’s Studio in the Hunter Building

1921, May 20. LCW Art Committee exhibit of china painting, including some oil paintings by Barbara Barber, Legislative Building

1922, Oct. 13. LCW FAA Committee annual Saskatchewan art exhibition at City Hall. Over 200 paintings including Margaret Frame, Harriette Keating, Mildred Thornton, James Henderson, photos by  E.C. Rossie and C. Leonard Hall, Edith Vandermade china painting, also many loaned pictures from local collections

1923 Jan.20 Public exhibition of Norman Mackenzie’s art collection at his home sponsored by the University Women’s Club in aid of the anti-T.B. League.

1923, Feb. 7, Exhibition of War Memorial picture print collection owned by Saskatchewan IODE at City Hall auditorium. These pictures were exhibited on Feb. 21-23 in Moose Jaw during the Teacher’s Conference  – the pictures were purchased for distribution to provincial schools.

1923 April 15 NGC Travelling exhibit of 15 paintings at Regina College

1923, Nov. 21 LCW Art Committee Annual Saskatchewan art Exhibition at City Hall

1924, Mar. 4, LCW art Committee sponsored display of handicraft by the blind and show of paintings in their collection, First Baptist Church

1924, Nov. 19 LCW FAA Committee annual Saskatchewan art exhibition at City Hall

1925, Apr. 17, University Women’s Club hosted public exhibition of Norman Mackenzie’s private art collection at his home

1925, Apr. 12, Exhibit of the art & craft work of teachers-in-training over the term at the Regina Normal School supervised by Vaughan Grayson

1925, May 1. Exhibit & sale of basket weaving done by the Blind of Saskatchewan sponsored by Regina LCW FAAC

1925, Mar. 25 opening. Saskatchewan Art at Hart House,, U of S (Murray & MacKenzie) organized exhibition that was shown at Hart House in Toronto and then supposedly shown at Regina, no mention in Regina and Saskatoon paper is available for that period.  Catalogue is called Artists of Saskatchewan. University of Toronto, Hart House. Artists featured were James Henderson(8), Augustus Kenderdine (8), Fred Loveroff(2), Harriette Keating (3), David Payne (2), Emile Walters (1) and Inglis Sheldon-Williams (1)

1925, Nov. 4, LCW Art Committee annual Saskatchewan art exhibition at City Hall

1926, 17 Jun, Saskatchewan Pictorial Photographers (Brown, Saunders, Middleton) at Regina Public Library

1926, Jun 9-17, Saskatchewan Clay & straw craft exhibited in Vancouver at Canadian NCW convention, selected by Mrs. Allen of LCW Moose Jaw.

1926, Nov. 4, LCW Art Committee Annual Saskatchewan Art Exhibition at City Hall

1927, 31 Oct to Nov. 5- LCW Art Committee Annual Saskatchewan art Exhibition at City Hall

1927, Nov. 3-5, Art Galleries of Richardson Bros. Winnipeg show of Etchings, Engravings & Baxter prints at 1766 Hamilton St.

1928, May 2 – 5,   Regina Sketch Club exhibition at 1951 Scarth Street.  175 works.

1928, Last week of July, 80 paintings, Saskatchewan paintings and Canadian paintings lent by Mrs. W.Grayson, Moose Jaw and Regina LCW FAC at new Fine Arts Hall in grandstand, Regina Fair, sponsored by Exhibition board

1928 30 Oct  LCW Art Committee Annual Saskatchewan art Exhibition at City Hall

1928 28 Oct, 200 European paintings exhibited for sale at Eaton’s Department Store, sponsor not named

1929, Last week July, NGC exhibition of 40 Canadian paintings sponsored by Ex. Board, Fine Arts Committee led by Norman Mackenzie in new grandstand hall.

1929 Nov. 19-21 300 European engravings & oil paintings at Sacred Heart Parish Hall

1929 Nov, Exhibit of crafts and paintings at City Hall sponsored by the Saskatchewan WAA

1929, Dec. 3-6, Traveling exhibition of 30 works by OSA artists at Darke Hall, Regina College, hosted by the Women’s Educational Club. Morning Leader Dec. 2, (scroll down) Dec.4, (scroll down and to left) Dec. 5, (scroll to right) Dec. 6

1930 – March, Austrian Woodcuts and Colour Prints, NGC, from LCW notes, reports

1930, May 8-10 Regina Sketch Club Exhibition at Hotel Saskatchewan

1930, May 21-23, Travelling ex. of WAA members’ paintings sent to Coleville, Sk.

1930, First week June, Arts & Crafts exhibit sponsored by WAA at City Hall

1930 Last week July, National Gallery display of Canadian paintings, 54 Old Masters from National Loan Collection Trust, Great Britain & Saskatchewan Artists at Fine Art Hall, Regina Fair

1930, August, Provincial Artists curated by M.V. Thornton(possibly for the WAA) sent to CNE in Toronto. A separate exhibit of Saskatchewan handicrafts was also sent by the WAA, likely included contributions from the Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society.

1930 Oct 2-5, Saskatchewan Art at City Hall sponsored by WAA

1930 Oct. 28-31, Annual Art Exhibit by LCW ALC at City Hall comprising 265 pictures and one sculpture.

1930, Nov. 3-8, 200 English Etchings from the NGC at Darke Hall, Regina College sponsored by the Saskatchewan Art Association.

1930, Nov. 13-20, Exhibit of Watercolours, engravings and etchings from Fine Art Trade Guild of London at Clay’s Art Studio

1931, Mar. 20 –   WAA hosts an exhibition of Canadian paintings by RCA at downtown store.

1931, Apr. 29-May 2, WAA Handicraft exhibition at City Hall

1931, May 2-8, Regina Sketch Club exhibition at Hotel Saskatchewan

1931, Oct 2-6, Saskatchewan Art at City Hall sponsored by WAA

1931, Oct. 15-17, Junior Art League Exhibition at Hotel Saskatchewan

1931 Oct. 27-31 Annual Art Exhibit by LCW ALC at City Hall, Paintings from Winnipeg, Calgary and Saskatchewan

1932, First week of May, Regina Sketch Club exhibition at Hotel Saskatchewan

1932, May 26-28, CSPE travelling ex. (100 works) at 1925 Scarth St., hosted by LCW ALC

1932, Oct. 5-9, WAA sponsored Saskatchewan art exhibit at City Hall

1932 Nov. 1-5, LCW Art Committee Saskatchewan art exhibit at City Hall

1932, Dec. 5-9, WAA  Members’ exhibition at WAA club rooms, 515 Broder building

1933, Mar. 1-15, WAA Sask sends exhibition of paintings by members to Toronto for show at Lyceum Club of WAA Canada

1933, Mar. 16 -25, Display of Winnipeg School of Art student art (40) at Simpson’s Department Store, Furniture department

1933, Apr. 11&12, Display of artworks by Balfour Tech students organized by W.G. Hazard at Balfour Tech auditorium

1933 Apr. 11-17, NGC sponsored ex of Contemporary British print makers (270 prints) at Darke Hall, hosted locally by the LCW ALC

1933, May 19&20, Regina Sketch Club, Top floor of Court House

1933, July 24-28, Hall of the Great Chiefs and Historical paintings public exhibition, Legislative Building, catalogue of Edmund Morris paintings and others in conjunction with World Grain Growers exhibition

1933, July 26, World Grain Show, Indian Craft display in Indian Building

1933, July 26 World Grain Show, National Gallery travelling exhibition of 150 historical and contemporary Canadian paintings in Grandstand gallery

1933, July 27, World Grain Show, WAA Handicraft and Home Industries display

1933, July 27, World Grain Show, Saskatoon Arts & Crafts society, Handicraft display in the Confederation Building, sent on to Banff and Toronto

1933, Nov. 2-5 LCW Arts Committee Annual Saskatchewan art exhibit at City Hall

  1. Nov. 4, European art exhibition at Clay’s Art Studio, sponsored by E. O Mitchell, Fine Arts Trade Guild

1933, Dec 8, WAA sponsored art &craft show of members’ work, Evans Flower Shop

1934, Apr. 13 – Display of crafts by WAA members at the home of Mrs. Henry Black, Regina

1934, Apr. 26 – Regina Sketch Club annual exhibition at the Court House

1934, Apr. 27-28, WAA Moose Jaw sponsors an art & craft exhibition at Grant Hall, Moose Jaw

1934, May 3-5, WAA Handicraft exhibition at Glasgow House, top floor. Very large exhibition with contributions from Regina Self Help League, German-Canadian Club, Ukrainian Society and Moose Jaw, WAA and Weyburn Arts & Letters Society

1934, May 14-21, NGC travelling ex. of Punch Cartoons sponsored by LCW ALC & Leader Post at Leader Post Building

1934, May 19- Exhibition of the Grayson art collection for the Liberal Party tea at Mrs. Grayson’s home in Moose Jaw.

1934, May 26-Jun 2, NGC travelling ex of RCA show in Montreal, hosted by WAA & Leader Post in Regina. This show was previously in Saskatoon at the U of S.

1934, June 1-10, NGC travelling ex. of Punch Cartoons sponsored by WAA Moose Jaw at the Public Library.

1934, July 24-25, Regina Beach WAA sponsors a fine art and handicraft exhibition at St. Bartholomew’s parish Hall in Regina Beach.

1934, July-Sept. 12 photographs from Regina YMCA Camera Club are exhibited at the Turin International Salon of Pictorial Photography in Italy

1934, Oct 18-20, Annual Exhibition of Saskatchewan art (40 artists)sponsored by WAA & National Gallery, Canadian Society of Water-colour painters shown together at Leader Post Building, Regina

1934, Nov. 7 – Large Arts & Crafts exhibition at Cabri, Sk. Sponsored by a community group with some contributions from Saskatoon Arts & Crafts Society

1934, Nov. 18 – Large Arts & Crafts exhibition at Indian Head, Sk. at the IOOF hall sponsored by a community group with some contributions from WAA Regina group.  For the benefit of the town library

1934 – Nov. 28-30 – Regina YMCA Camera Club holds their first salon with 175 photos by Regina, Winnipeg and Toronto photographers at the YMCA

1935, Late March, European prints travelling Regina College, co-sponsored by U of S and NGC and  hosted by Women’s Educational Club

1935, Mar. 1-2, WAA Crafts old& new exhibition at WAA club rooms

1935, Late March, 20 Paintings from the College Art Association of N.Y. at Regina College

1935, Oct.2-5 WAA sponsored exhibition of Saskatchewan artists, Mitchell Block, Scarth St.

1935 Oct 28-Nov 2, LCW Annual Exhibition of Saskatchewan Art at Regina College,

1936, May 6, Canadian Pacific Railway sponsored exhibition of paintings, etc. , Railway depot

1936, Last week of July, RCA travelling ex of 59 paintings & Gus Kenderdine exhibit of 50 paintings at Regina Fair, sponsored by the Regina Exhibition Board

1936, Nov. 14, Collotype reproductions & water colours at Clay’s Art Studio sponsored by E. O Mitchell, Fine Arts Trade Guild, also exhibit of Inglis Sheldon Williams World War I (24) water colours

1936, Nov. 14, Canadian Group of Painters at Regina College assisted by WAA

1936, May 6 – WAA sponsored exhibit of handicrafts at Hotel Saskatchewan

1936, May 18 – 70 Baxter prints displayed at Campbell Tinnings’s home

1936, Oct.8-12, Regina WAA members painting exhibition at Mitchell Block

1936 Nov 12 – 16, Travelling exhibition of the Canadian Group of Painters sponsored by the NGC and assisted locally by WAA of Regina

1937 – Feb. 9-15 – RCA Exhibition at Regina College hosted by University & assisted by LCW of Regina

1937 Apr 5 -10 Exhibition of Contemporary British Painting from the NGC at Regina College, assisted by LCW ALC

1937 – Apr 7 – Exhibition of 200 pieces of Indian beadwork in the collection of Mary B. Weekes and a collection of beadwork owned by the Regina LCW ALC at Regina College

1937 – Apr. 8-12 – WAA Saskatchewan exhibition of arts & crafts, paintings at Mitchell Building club rooms

1937 – March – Travelling exhibition of 14 Saskatchewan women artists’ work from Regina sponsored by WAA Sask, sent to Toronto for Canadian WAA exhibition at Lyceum Club

1937 – May – 23 paintings from WAA Sask travel to Assiniboine and Shaunavon where they are exhibited by local branches.

1937 – May 7,8. Regina Sketch Club exhibition, Club studio at the Court House

1937 – Last week of July, 100 Watercolours from the Canadian Society for Painters of Watercolours and 63 oil paintings from RCA arranged through NGC travelling ex at Regina Fair, Fine Arts Hall with a selection of paintings by Kenderdine and Henderson of Saskatchewan

1937 – Nov. 15-20 – Saskatchewan Artists exhibit at Regina College sponsored by LCW Arts & Letters Committee

1937, Dec. 8, Regina Arts & Crafts Society shows Icelandic craft in conjunction with the Icelandic Society

1938, Jan 11 – Moose Jaw Women’s Art Association hosts a display of Icelandic weaving, previously seen in Regina in December.

1938 – February, Travelling exhibition of Saskatchewan painting at many centres in province, LCW art Committee

1938, Feb. 7 – 12 – RCA travelling exhibition of 60 paintings at Regina College under auspices of NGC

1938, Feb. 22-26 – Canadian International Gallery of Photographic Art work of 80 artists from 10 countries selected by the NGC at Regina College.

1938 – Mar. 24-31, Children’s art assembled by National Gallery on display at Regina College

1938, Mar. 29. Regina Arts & Crafts Society display at Knights of Pithias Hall.

1938,Aug.1 – Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour through NGC, 80 paintings travelling ex. At Regina Fair, also 24 Kenderdine paintings

1938 – Oct. 31-Nov.5. Saskatchewan Art Exhibition sponsored by LCW Arts & Letters Committee at Regina College, 76 pictures

1938 – Nov. 17, WAA Saskatchewan paintings exhibition at Moose Jaw, sponsored by Allenby Club

1938, Dec. 9&10 – Exhibition of Chinese needlework & art at the home of Col. S.C. Parker & Mrs. Parker, 2460 Montague St. In support of the Chinese Red Cross Society

1938, Dec. 17-18, WAA Fine & Applied Arts Guild member’s show at the Trading Company Building

1939, Jan 19 – 23 Saskatchewan Paintings at Regina College sponsored by WAA Saskatchewan

1939 Feb. 13 – 18. Canadian Watercolour painters at Regina College, LCW assisted as per notes

1939- Mar. 28-31 Regina Arts & Crafts Society exhibition at Northern Crown building included paintings of members

1939 – April first week, Regina Sketch Club ex. As per LCW ALC annual report, cannot confirm with newspaper report

1939- Last week of July, First Regina Camera Club exhibition at Regina Fair

1939 – Last week o f July, New English Art Club travelling ex from Europe and Regina Artists exhibition at Fine Arts Hall, Regina Fair

1939 – Oct 30- Nov. 5, Saskatchewan Paintings sponsored by LCW Arts & Letters Committee at Regina College

1940 –Canadian Salon of Photographic Art, probably January in Regina and Saskatoon

1940 – Feb. 7, RCA travelling exhibit at Regina College

1940- April 18, Moose Jaw section of WAA showing handicrafts at Hotel Saskatchewan

1940, Last week of July, Southern Saskatchewan artists, 75 paintings at Fine Arts Hall, Regina Fair

1940 – Nov. 20-27, Saskatchewan Paintings sponsored by LCW arts & letters committee at Hotel Saskatchewan, Canadian Room

1940, Dec. 14-16, WAA Fine & Applied Art Guild exhibition at the Trading Co. Building

1941, Feb. 25-27, WAA art exhibition at the Hotel Saskatchewan, included pieces of Sculpture from the Saskatoon Little Sculpture Group

1941, Apr. 1-5, Regina Arts & Crafts Society exhibition at the Club Rooms in the Northern Crown building

1941, Apr 20-22 – Regina Sketch Club & Winnipeg Sketch Club exhibition at Hotel Saskatchewan

1941, May 1 – Exhibition of Fine and Applied Arts Guild, WAA of Saskatchewan at Trading Company Bldg. Included paintings by members.

1941, Mid May – 17 paintings by WAA members sent for the Canadian Women’s Art Association Show at the Lyceum Club in Toronto

1942 – Feb.3- 7, RCA travelling exhibit at Regina College sponsored by University of Saskatchewan

1942 – Mar 4-8, CPEE travelling exhibition supported by LCW ALC and University of Saskatchewan at Regina College

1942 – Apr 9-11, Regina Arts & Crafts Society exhibit at Knights of Pythias Hall

1942, Last week of July, 45 paintings by Saskatchewan artists exhibit  at Regina Fair organized by WAA, later sent to Calgary Exhibition for display. Clay modelling was also included but not sent in travelling exhibit

1942, Nov 25-Dec. 5, Saskatchewan Paintings at Trading Company building, sponsored by Regina Sketch Club and LCW ALC

1942, Dec. 1-12, British Childrens’ Drawings (200 pieces) at Victoria School, Regina, sponsored by the British Council of Arts

1943 – Jan. 23, Sketch Club ex, not mentioned in newspaper but recorded in LCW ALC material

1943 – Feb .1 or2, Ernie Lindner brings watercolours by seven Saskatoon Art Association members to a meeting of Regina FCA members for display – no venue mentioned.

1943, Mar. 18 – Display of art books, photos of Canadian sculpture and the sculpture of Mrs. Basterfield and Marcel Seidler at Regina College Library

1943, Apr. 8-10, Moose Jaw Quota Club sponsors a local art exhibition at their club rooms in Moose Jaw

1943, April 23-? –Canadian Weaving display sponsored by the Searle Grain Co. at Handicraft House.  A six week weaving course was also sponsored by the company to encourage use of native materials.

1943, Apr. 23 -? Regina Arts and Crafts Society has a showing of members’ work at Hotel Saskatchewan

1943, May 15-21, WAA exhibition of painting & sculpture by Regina, Saskatoon and Yorkton members at 1847 Scarth St.

1943, May – Paintings by WAA members sent for the Canadian Women’s Art Association Show at the Lyceum Club in Toronto

1943, Nov 3-6, Saskatchewan art exhibition sponsored by LCW Arts & Letters Committee, Regina College

1944, Jan. Second week – Travelling Exhibition of Canadian Graphic art at Regina College.  No sponsor mentioned but it was probably the NGC

1944 – April 21, Arts& Crafts Society exhibition at Canadian Room, Saskatchewan Hotel

1944, April 27-28 Handicraft Exhibition sponsored by WAA at Hotel Saskatchewan

1944, May 17-19, Children’s art exhibition from NGC at Regina College, hosted by FCA & U of S

1944 – Nov. 3, Regina Regional Group of FCA at Regina College, adjudicated by A.Y. Jackson

1945 – Feb. 1-4 WAA exhibition of 100 Saskatchewan paintings at Regina College

1945, Mar 6-9, Canadian Group of Painters traveling exhibit at Regina College tower room, assisted by LCW arts and letters committee

1945, Mar. 20 – Night School Art & Commercial Students Exhibition at Balfour Technical School (Margaret Messer’s students)

1945, Apr 23- 24, Regina Arts & Crafts Society display at Canadian Room, Hotel Saskatchewan

1945, Apr. 27 -May 8, Canadian Society for Painters of Water Colours travelling ex, 40 paintings brought in by the U of S and the National Gallery, Regina Art Centre supporting

1945, 2nd week of June, RCA travelling exhibit and children’s art June 20-24 at Regina College,

1945, Aug. 24 Display of work at Handicraft House (civically sponsored craft classes)

1945, Jun 16 – Technical School Art Students Display at Balfour Tech, Margaret Messer art director

1945, Oct. 4 – Regina Art Centre sponsored exhibit of photographs by local photographers at Regina College

1945, Oct. 18-25, Kerr/Lindner exhibition sponsored by Regina FCA at Regina College

1945, Oct. 24-26, WAA sponsored handicraft show& sale featuring work by Fort San patients and Moose Jaw Art Club, paintings by Marion Hamilton at the Hotel Saskatchewan

1945, Nov. 6-10, Exhibition of Regina Artists at Regina College (more than 20)sponsored by LCW arts & letters committee

1945, Nov. 19-20, Dominion Needlecraft Display sponsored by Regina Arts & Crafts Society at Hotel Saskatchewan

1945, Dec. 15, British Contemporary painting & sculpture at Regina College, sponsored by Regina Art Centre group

1946, Jan 7-15, Banff School of Fine Arts Student show at Regina College (60 paintings & some handicraft) sponsored by Regina branch FCA

1946, Jan. 9 Emma Lake Summer Students Exhibition, Tower Room, Regina College

1946, Mar. 16-19, 40 paintings from Alberta at the Qu’Appelle Room, Regina College, sponsored by FCA

1946, Apr.25-27, Regina Arts & Crafts Show at Hotel Saskatchewan, exhibit included paintings

1946, May, Revolving display of work of Regina Sketch Club at Regina Public Library

1946, Nov. 4 – Exhibition of 10 Saskatchewan artists plus 2 Toronto artists and N.Y. Art Student League paintings at Red Door Gallery on Rose St. Regina, Travelling to other cities, not mentioned where.

1947, Jan 22-23 Memorial Exhibition of Emily Carr paintings and IODE Alberta Murals for 1946/47? at City Hall, sponsored by FCA

1947, Feb. 3-8, Regina Art Exhibition sponsored by Regina Art Centre at City Hall Auditorium

1947, Feb. 25- Mar.10, IBM sponsored ex. Of British Painting & Sculpture at Eaton’s, Old masters and contemporaries in exhibit. Announced in Eaton’s ads

1947, April 8-12, WAA sponsored exhibition o f Saskatchewan art at City Hall Auditorium

1947, Apr. 13-22, FCA sponsored exhibit of Alberta Society of Artists at Regina Public Library

1947, Apr.25-27, Regina Arts & Crafts Society exhibition at Hotel Saskatchewan

1947 May 7-10 Children’s exhibit sponsored by LCW arts & Letters at Regina College

1947, June 9-16 Exhibit of local art & handicraft by LCW ALC & WAA for NCW convention in Regina

1947, Jun 10 – Exhibition of student artwork, Balfour Technical School, Margaret Messer art director

1947, July 22-27 – Massey British Art Collection on view at Regina Fair in Grandstand building

1948, Apr 3 whole month – B.C. Artists at art Room, Regina Public Library, Western Canada Art Circuit

1948, Apr. 15-16, Ruth Pawson’s Children’s Art Class exhibition at Regina College

1948, Apr. 22-24, Regina Arts & Crafts Society annual Exhibition at Canadian Room, Hotel Saskatchewan

1948, May 12, Exhibit of Woodcuts, Engravings and Wood Block Prints from NGC at Regina Public Library

1948, May 17-25 – Saskatchewan Artists sponsored by WAA at 1828 Scarth St. Regina

1948, Late May, early June – FCA sponsored exhibition of paintings by Alberta Federation of Artists at Regina Public Library

1948, Sep. 10-30, FCA sponsored exhibition of Saskatchewan artists (chosen from a show at P.A.) at Regina Public Library.  This show was juried by Alex Musgrove and 24 paintings went on tour of Sask and western provinces.

1948, Sep. 28, Members of the Regina Art Centre exhibit their work at a tea at Regina College

1948, Oct. 3, Regina Arts & Crafts Society exhibit at a tea at Regina College

1948, Mid October, FCA sponsored exhibition of paintings by three Edmonton Artists at Regina Public Library

1948, Nov. 20-27 & Nov. 29- Dec. 5 – Exhibitions of graphic art by College Print Makers (OCA) sponsored by Saskatchewan Arts Board

1949, Mar. 14 – Alberta Society of Artists at Art Room, Regina Public Library, Western Canada Art Circuit

1949, April 9 week , FCA sponsored exhibition of original paintings and illustrations for Saturday Night Magazine at Willson’s Stationery Store

1949, Apr. 28 – May 13, NCW sponsored travelling show of Canadian Women Artists, abbreviated version of 1947 Riverside Museum show in N.Y., at Eaton’s in Regina for two weeks. No press review that I can find, other than the announcement of its existence.

1949, May 9-14, Regina Art Centre sponsored Public School art display at Regina College

1949, May 10-21, Regina FCA hosted IBM exhibition of” 30 Americans since 1860” at 1828 Scarth St.

1949, First week of August, British paintings from NGC & Alberta Society of Artists sponsored by the Regina Exhibition Committee at the Grandstand gallery

1950, May 14-28 – Saskatchewan Art juried exhibition at Regina College, then at Saskatoon, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Arts Board

1950, July all month, Regina Branch FCA at Regina Public Library

1950, Dec. 13, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour at the Regina Public Library

Solo Exhibitions 

1900, Oct. 5, Frederick M. Bell-Smith, 24 watercolour paintings of Rockies at Regina Normal School

1902, Aug. 14, Miss Edith Macklin show of paintings and drawings at R.B. Ferguson’s store, Regina

1902, Dec. 15, Frederick M. Bell-Smith, collections of oils and watercolours at Normal School

1905, Oct. 2-5, John T. Richardson, Exhibition and Sale of 100 paintings, City Hall (Richardson lived in Falmouth, Cornwall and at Edenwold, Sask. over his career)

1906 – Oct. 3-10, John T. Richardson, Exhibition and Sale of 100 paintings, City Hall

1908 Oct. 25, W.M. Van Valkenburg exhibits model teepee and photos of trip to File Hills agricultural exhibition in the window of his store. Van Valkenburg produced his own photographic postcards of Saskatchewan and sold them commercially

1911,Oct 20, Mary T. Magee, Exhibition in the window of Couse’s store, Scarth St.

1911, Dec. 4&5, Exhibit and sale of hand painted china by Edna Steel at Darke Block

1911, Dec. 6&7, Art show and sale by Mary T. Magee at Room 3, Black Block

1911, Dec. 6 – Hand painted china for sale by Miss Mabel Darrach, 2106 Retallack St.

1912, Dec. 11. Mildred Stinson (later Thornton), Exhibition of paintings  in Whitworth Bros. Store, 11th Ave.

1913, first week of July, Selection of finished Saskatchewan clay products produced by Dr. W.W. Andrews on display in the window of Wheatley Jewellers, Regina.

1917, June 6, Display of paintings by S.C. Vick at Glasgow House, prairie paintings and others. Vick is not listed anywhere on the Internet so cannot identify him as a Canadian painter.

1919, June 16. Mary Dignam (pres. of WAA Canada) paintings at Regina College sponsored by Regina LCW

1919, Dec. 5&6. Helene Pachal new art studio opening, display at Hunter’s Ltd., Scarth St.

1919, Dec. 22, Miss Helena Corbett has a china exhibition at the home of her sister, Mrs. J.E. Hogg, 2332 Montreal St.

1919, Jan 17, Helene Pachal, exhibition of paintings and china painting at her new studio

1920, Apr. 21 – 25, Emile Mayeur paintings at Catholic Club, Fransaskois artist, religious painting

1921 March 2, Normal School. Exhibition of drawings and paintings by Fred Loveroff

1921, Jun last week, Miss Helene Pachal & students display of painted china, Lawson’s window, Scarth St.

1923 Mar 28 Margaret Frame painting exhibition at Regina College sponsored by LCW FAAC

1923  May 18 Inglis Sheldon-Williams and Harriette Keating at Regina College LCW FAAC sponsors

1923 Oct 4  John T. Richardson at Calder Block, 12th Ave.  sponsored by the LCW FAAC

1924,May 7-9, Exhibition and sale of J.T. Richardson’s paintings at G.T. Morton’s Gallery, 1756 Hamilton St.

1924   June 4, Paintings by Harriette Keating at Regina College sponsored by LCW FAAC

1924 Oct 30-Nov.2, Exhibition of paintings by James Henderson at Regina College sponsored by LCW FAAC.  These paintings were sent to Saskatoon where they were exhibited at the U of S Convocation Hall for about 10 days in November.

1924, Dec. 10-15, Exhibition & sale of paintings of the late F.M. Bell-Smith at Regina College sponsored by the LCW FAAC

1925, April 20&21 – Exhibition of paintings of Leonard Richmond (travelling English painter)at Clay’s Art Studio. LCW FAA assists in mounting and hosting of show.

1925 May 28, David Payne at Regina College, sponsored by LCW – he also exhibited 4 paintings in Vancouver in early May and sold out his exhibition with the BC Society of Arts.

1925 Nov. 28 Mary Dignam sponsored by LCW Art Committee, Regina College

1926 Dec. 7-9, J.H. Lee-Grayson sponsored by LCW Art Committee, Regina College

1926, Mar. 22  Gus Kenderdine sponsored by LCW Art Committee at Regina College

1927, May 17, Tea & retrospective exhibition of 60 paintings by Mrs. Rebecca Brown Boal (widow of William Boal)at St. Andrew’s United Church sponsored by the Win One Circle of the church. Rebecca (b.1856 Ontario) died in 1929 and is buried in Regina Cemetery.

1927, Nov. 4, Edith Vandermade china painting exhibit at Mrs. E.C. Rossie’s home

1928, Apr. 21-24, Mildred Valley Thornton , 50 paintings at the Hotel Saskatchewan

1928, Nov. 4 – , Fred Pye (former Estevan artist) 30 watercolour paintings sponsored by LCW FAAC and shown with their annual exhibit of Saskatchewan artists

1930, Apr 14-17, Mildred Thornton at Hotel Saskatchewan, 50 paintings, no sponsor listed

1930, June 27-July7, G.C.Hopkins, Regina artist, ex. of paintings & other media at Canada Drug Store

1930, Nov. 27-28, Solo exhibit of 100 paintings and a 200 pieces of china painted by Barbara Barber at City Hall, Regina in aid of the Leader Post Cheer Fund.

1931, Feb. 2-6, Exhibition of paintings by Laura Fasken at her home on Angus Street, series of teas offered to public.

1931, Third week of May, Exhibition of paintings by Mildred Thornton at a downtown vacant store space.

1931, June 8-15, Exhibition of paintings by G.C. Hopkins, Regina artist, at Canada Drug and Book Co. Store.

1931, Nov. 3, Barbara Barber exhibition of 30 paintings at Moose Jaw branch of WAA, Grant Hall Hotel

1931, Oct. 24, Mrs. Otto Fuhrmann has an exhibition of her paintings at Luther College.  She also donates one of her works to the College.

1933, Mar. 6-10, Harold W. McCrae, OSA, exhibit of 60 paintings at Eaton’s Department Store

1933,Apr. 28-30. 60 paintings by Mildred Valley Thornton displayed in her home, 1965 Robinson St.

1933, July, Hilda Stewart paintings at the Hotel Saskatchewan, WAA sponsored

1933, July24-Aug.5, Display of 24 watercolours by J.H. Lee-Grayson in the Red Cross Tea Room at the WGG, Regina Fair grounds.

1933, Aug. 16-18, Exhibition of paintings by Barbara Barber and Eva Rossie at Barber’s cottage sponsored by the Regina Beach WAA.

1933, Oct. 13, Exhibition of watercolours & prints by Valentine Fanshaw of Winnipeg at Clay’s Art Studio

1933, Dec. 13, 14. Exhibition of the china painting of Edith VanDermade at the home of Mrs. E.C. Rossie. 2232 Rae St. Paintings by Eva Rossie and Barbara Barber accompany the show

1933, Dec. 14 -20, Mildred Valley Thornton shows paintings at her home, 1965 Robinson St.

1933, Dec. 13-15, Laura Fasken shows paintings at her home 2216 Rae St.

1934, May 17-21, Exhibition of recent pencil sketches by W.G. Hazard at Clay’s Art Studio

1934, Dec. 11-14, Exhibition of china painting by Edith Vandermade at home of Mrs. E.C. Rossie. Mrs. L.L. Cole, Lang displays home made quilts & Miss Velma Henderson of Wolseley displays needlework

1935, March, 60 watercolours & 30 miniatures by Hilda Stewart at Regina College

1935, Dec. 12&13, Exhibition of china painting by Edith Vandermade at Vandermade’s studio

1936, Oct. 17-29, James Henderson paintings at Regina College sponsored by LCW ALC

1936, Nov. 14, 26 watercolours by Inglis Sheldon Williams at Regina College , Scenes of Canadians in France from 1918

1936, Dec. 15&16, Exhibition of hand-painted china by Edith Vandermade at home of Mrs. E.C. Rossie, also hand-painted Christmas cards by Barbara Barber

1937,Jun 1-7 , LCW ALC sponsored solo ex. of John T. Richardson of Edenwold at Stewart’s Gallery, Hamilton St.

1937, Dec. 7-12, Laura Fasken shows 75 paintings at her home, 2216 Angus St.

1938, Jan.7-12, JEH Mcdonald’s Tangled Garden on tour from the NGC at Regina College

1938, Mar. 30 – Memorial exhibit of Dorothea Sheldon-Williams paintings (30) shown with Arts & Crafts Society exhibit at Pythias Hall

1940, April 2-7, Illingworth Kerr at Regina College sponsored by LCW ALC

1940, Oct. 10-12, Leonard Watson of Winnipeg and Garnet Hazard of Regina exhibition at home of Garnet Hazard. Watson had formerly lived in Regina.

1940, Dec. 17-18, Edith Vandermade handpainted china exhibition at the home of Mrs. E.C. Rossie

1941, May 16-18, Mary Filer (100 paintings) exhibition at Boys Club Fair, YMCA. Mary was a Regina girl who brought her paintings from Edmonton, her current home. She later lived in Toronto.

1942, May 16, WAA sponsored exhibition of the work of Harriette Keating at Regina College

1943, Apr. 2-8, Travelling exhibition of 8 Lawren Harris abstract paintings shown at Regina College under the auspices of the WAA and FCA.

1943 – April, Display of Army Life cartoons by J. Cameron at an 11th Avenue Billiard Parlour

1944, Mar. 6-11 – Margaret Frame Beatty at Regina College sponsored by WAA & LCW Arts Committee

1944, Apr. 3-8, Travelling exhibition of 75 photographic portraits by Yousuf Karsh at Simpson’s store.

1945, Mar. 20-25 – Travelling ex. of Kao Wong and Miss Chang paintings from China at Regina College

1945, Oct. 18 -? Showing of paintings by Effie Martin purchased by Simpson’s in Regina.

1948, First week Jan – Camera Portraits by Yousuf Karsh at Eaton’s Department Store

1948, May 1-14 – Augustus Kenderdine Memorial Exhibit at Regina College art gallery, two weeks

1948, First week of August – Augustus Kenderdine painting exhibit at the Regina Fair in the Grandstand Gallery.

1949, May 26-June 2, Solo exhibit of paintings of Effie Martin exhibited at Regina College art studio sponsored by Women’s Art Association of Saskatchewan

1949, First week of August, Clay modelling exhibition by Jean Shaver of Bengough at the Regina Fair sponsored by the Exhibition Committee at the Grandstand Gallery

1950, Late July, Father Henry Metzger(22) and James Henderson (45)memorial exhibit of paintings at the Regina Fair, also Regina Camera Club photographic display at the grandstand building

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